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  • “Fox the Jester” ART Patch Wearable Art by CarniWear
  • “Fox the Jester” ART Patch Wearable Art by CarniWear
  • “Fox the Jester” ART Patch Wearable Art by CarniWear
  • “Fox the Jester” ART Patch Wearable Art by CarniWear
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Wearable Art by CarniWear

ART Patch by CarniWear “Fox the Jester”

Add some foxy joy to your jacket!

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"Let's start a happy dance and throw couple of great volts!"

This cheerful little jester fox ART Patch by CarniWear surely brightens your day and also makes everyone love your colorful and accessible appearance! The patch also contains a bit of three-dimensionality, so it's very different and much more interesting than the traditionally stitched flat fabric badges.

The technique in the ART Patch is also different from the traditional patches, as it is sewn with applique and free stitching techniques, and is made of nine different fabrics, including turquoise organza and golden satin on the background, and green silk, golden luster fabrics, orange satin and white fake fur on the fox.

The special effects in this particular ART Patch are the various coloured tiny jingle bells on the foxes colorful outfit and the golden round and star shaped gemstones on the starry background.

The size of this ART Patch: 35(w)x45(h) cm (≈ 13.8x17.7 in)

All the ART Patches by CarniWear have a firm felt layer in between the design and strong backing fabric, so they are very firm and high quality Handicraft products. On the back of the ART Patch you can find CarniWear's label to ensure you that it's an original ART Patch by CarniWear.

The fastening of the ART Patch to your garment can easily be done by sewing either by hand or with a sewing machine.


NOTE: Based on the use of different special materials such as gemstones, silk flowers, beads and feathers, CarniWear ART Patches are not washable products. They may withstand dry cleaning, but that too is always at your own risk. Therefore, it's warmly recommended that you always remove the ART Patch before washing your garment, and then reattach it again when your garment is clean and dry.