Hi & welcome to CarniWear!

I am Arita, a textile artist who creates wearable art.

I love drawing, as well as energizing colors, fancy textiles, applique techniques, and all kinds of whimsicalities. 

However, I found my true passion when I came up with the idea to combine my graphic skills with fabrics and sewing. That’s how my "ART to wear" was born! 

Some lucky ones find the way to realize their passion already in their youth, while others only find it later. Better late though than never! Personally, I might be such a late bloomer, but in the future, I am determined to be the best at what I do.

Along my way, I’ve tried everything from fabric weaving to graphic design, from advertising agency work to custom sewing and garment design, and from burlesque performing to event producing. All of them were okay, but something was missing.

Over the past year, I finally experienced my own enlightenment, and came up with a product I really want to make and also my way of making it. I came up with an idea of combining my graphic skills with fabrics and sewing. I finally found my true passion!

My way of making the pictures I draw or compose on fabrics is mostly based on appliqué and machine or hand embroidery, in addition to beading, garnishing, painting; only the imagination sets the limits for creating these unique art patches. I find the themes and ideas for my art patches all around me, as they can represent almost anything.

All the materials I use for my art pictures are mostly recycled, sourced from flea markets, or otherwise accumulated by myself over the years.

In most of my art pictures, I have combined up to dozens of different fabrics to create the impressions I want, and in addition to the fabrics, they have e.g. feathers, silk flowers, jewelry, beads, bells. So today my goal is to create extraordinarily great art patches for extraordinarily great people, and I think you are one of them!

In addition to my "ART to wear" pieces, I also design and create performance and art costumes.

  • Photo by Tapani Teittinen

  • Photo by Tapani Teittinen

  • Photo by Tapani Teittinen