Extraordinarily great patches for extraordinarily great people!

Do you have a rousing image that you would crave as a tattoo, but not on your skin?
Do you happen to have the coolest jacket that needs a bit more personalization?
Would you love to show the world how incredibly special you are?
The solution to all of the above is a unique ART Patch by CarniWear!

Spice it up!

Along with clothing, CarniWear ART Patches are great for accessories such as your backpack or tote.

And if you can't bear the thought of carrying your precious patch around, you can always frame it and hang it on a wall!

The sky's the limit, so let's make it!

Custom Order ART Patches

In addition to my ready-made ART Patches, I create unique pieces based on your desires.

Do you have an idea or an exciting image you'd love to see as an ART Patch, or did one of my existing designs catch your eye, but you'd love to have your own personalized version?

Order a custom patch!

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Nice to meet you!

I am Arita, a textile artist who creates wearable art.

I love drawing, as well as energizing colors, fancy textiles, applique techniques, and all kinds of whimsicalities.

However, I found my true passion when I came up with the idea to combine my graphic skills with fabrics and sewing. That’s how my ART Patches were born!

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